Brandi Katherine Herrera is a Portland, Oregon based multidisciplinary artist, poet, and translator, whose work in text, image, sound, and performance explores the poetics of space.

Multimedia installation featuring  Mutterfarbe  at 23 Sandy Gallery.

Multimedia installation featuring Mutterfarbe at 23 Sandy Gallery.

She is the author of Mutterfarbe, a limited-edition artist book of color theory, experimental translation, photography, and poems using Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Zur Farbenlehre as a primary source; and Natürlicher, a chapbook of color theory, experimental translation, and poems (both Broken Cloud Press, 2016); a co-author of MAR, a collaborative artist book + limited-edition chapbook of photography, marrings, and poems (Lute & Cleat, 2018); and the co-editor of The Lake Rises, a Witness Post Series anthology of poems (Stockport Flats, 2013).

Her work is held in the Seattle Art Museum’s permanent collection, Yale University’s Faber Birren Collection of Books on Color, UCLA’s Louise M. Darling Library, University at Buffalo’s Poetry Collection, and Reed College’s Special Collections & Archives, and has been featured in a number of solo + group exhibitions and performance series for the Seattle Art Museum, Cube Gallery, 23 Sandy Gallery, Creative MorningsPoetry Press WeekPure Surface, and Telefon, among others. Publications include: The Volta, Octopus Magazine, The CommonPoor Claudia, Word/For Word, Thru Magazine, Borderlands Texas Poetry Review, and Womenspeak PDX.

Brandi was a founding Editor for Gramma Poetry in Seattle, WA, and has served as an advisor in the poetry certificate program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Ore. Her work has been supported by Château de Monthelon, and the artists Jacques Rebotier and Virginie Rochetti.

"Documents exist as evidence of life and death and Brandi extracts poetry from them. There are gaps, unintelligible pages, either blacked out or erased. Her poetry and selected words tell another story, one spurred more by memory than fact. She fills in some gaps to piece together a narrative, but in other spaces, she leaves nothing behind."  — Kathleen Dolan, Thru Magazine

 "Herrera’s performative work with image/text/sound captures the excitement of early experiments in social media. She is an innovator, and her creative work continually evolves. Mutterfarbe and Natürlicher are perfect examples of her agility to query formal design to generate fine literature." — Lori Anderson Moseman, Stockport Flats