Hello! I'm Brandi. 

A Master of Fine Arts in Writing, with more than two decades of experience in identity development, content strategy, editorial direction, copy writing, and editing for both print and digital platforms. 

I craft content with a focus on narrative, and collaborate with visual storytellers to create web environments and social spaces that engage audiences, spark dialog, and drive thoughtful action. 

I love partnering with artists and independent businesses, creative entrepreneurs and agencies, to help them grow and evolve their brands. I also partner with publications to provide editorial consult, as well as large-scale, international companies and organizations on thought leadership, messaging clarity, and best-in-class content. 

Interested in collaborating on an upcoming project? Let's chat.

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“Ms. Herrera engages everyone she encounters to join the collective and think, create, expand.” — Malcolm White, Executive Director, Mississippi Arts Commission


NBCUniversal, Adidas, Hasbro, The U.S. Postal Service, Design Portland, Portland Garment Factory, Portland Community College, Portland Timbers, Kim Dunham, Kinn Studio, Frances May, Paloma Beauty, Ritual Dyes, Evelyn & Bobbie, Simplecast, Cupcake Jones, SPIN Laundry, Comcast, Cisco Systems, Inc., Motif Investing, Hewlett Packard


AfterAll Studio, AHA Agency, Allison Henry Aver, Always With Honor, Fort Wick Studio, Germinate Creative, Jute Creative, Switchyard Creative, Thread Creative, Journey Group, Funk/Levis & Associates, Health Advocacy Partners


The Great Discontent, The Oregonian, Design Portland Journal, USPS Stamps, Agency Post, Visit Mississippi, The Jackson Free Press, BOOM Jackson, Madison Magazine, Matador Network, The Ithaca Times

“Brandi built the editorial voice of the Design Portland Journal from the ground up with vision and grace. She coaxes the best work out of writers with her intelligence and intuition, and stays ahead of the editorial calendar by anticipating the rhythms of the content cycle. I can think of no one I’d rather work with on this important piece of our organization’s output.” — Tsilli Pines, VP of Creative, Instrument + Director, Design Portland

“Brandi has been a wonderful collaborator on a number of projects. Her thoughtful approach and point of view has helped our clients streamline their vision and define an ownable voice. She's always reliable and when needed, flexible too — jumping in mid-stream on one project to save the day! We’re always stoked when the timing works out, and we're able to include her on a project team we’re building.” — Joanna Bean Martin, Creative Director/Founder, AfterAll Studio

“Brandi is an outstanding editor, writer, and interviewer. In her work with The Great Discontent she not only handled all editorial duties, but was a key contributor with strategy. She's a sheer pleasure to work with, and I'd jump at any opportunity to collaborate with her in the future.” — Ryan Essmaker, Founder, The Great Discontent

“Brandi has a great eye for design. Working with her often felt like a collaboration, which is the ideal environment for producing the best possible work.” — Jen Wick, Founder + Creative Director, Fort Wick

“Brandi is an excellent creative writer. In addition to writing clear website copy, she is able to manage large-scale projects and deliver on time. She joined a website development project as lead copywriter late in the process and brought a level of focus and professionalism that made every other member of the team more efficient.” — Thomas King, Director of Strategy, Think Shout

“Brandi breathes professionalism and a willingness to do what it takes to make work great—even when the client's needs change and complications arise.” — Hope Mills Voelkel, Senior Social Media Strategist, Peter Mayer Advertising

“Brandi is reliable, communicative, efficient, and totally honest about writing guidelines and timelines. And she has a great personality, which makes her a dream to work with.” — Mandy Zelinka, Founder, The Zelinka Agency

“Brandi is an excellent communicator, always delivers on time, and is extremely responsive. Her style is collaborative, which I greatly appreciated as a business owner trying to get a start up off the ground. I could not recommend her more and look forward to working with her again in the future.” — Maryam Naderi, Founder, Paloma